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Collecting rent is easy if you have the perfect tenant who pays on time! But what if they don’t? Having someone who is familiar with landlord/tenant regulations in your corner, as well as the ability to follow all the legally compliant procedures, is critical!

When a tenant exceeds the grace period after the due date, as defined by the lease, we issue a ”Late Rent” notice, which usually results in the rent being paid. If a tenant stops paying rent altogether, which is rare but does happen occasionally, we provide guidance throughout the eviction process and re-rent the property quickly.

For the vast majority of tenants who pay their rent on schedule, we make paying rent easy with our online tenant portal, which can be accessed 24/7. We always encourage tenants to pay online, which means we can pay you faster. Plus, for those rare situations when legal action may be necessary, we have well-established relationships with law firms that specialize in landlord/tenant law.

  • Rent is due on the 1st of each month.
  • Grace period is typically 3 days.
  • Rent is considered late on the 4th.
  • If rent is late, a notice to “Pay or Quit” is delivered via Process Server between the 6th to 8th of the month.

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Why You Should Connect With Allegiant Management Group

No-Hassle Management

Our goal is to take on the burden of managing your property, from securing quality tenants to dealing with tenant requests and collecting rent.

Highest and Best Rent

We know the market and we know what your property is worth, allowing us to negotiate effectively on your behalf.

Quality Tenant Pool

Our system for screening and evaluating prospective tenants is among the best in the business, which means they are fully vetted.

Automated Owner Statements

You’ll have 24/7 access to a detailed statement, typically posted around the 15th of every month, through our secure online owner portal.

Online Owner Portal Access

Your information is stored in our highly secure, state-of-the-art data center, giving you access from any location that has an internet connection.

Industry Leading Marketing Tools

We advertise across a wide range of social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram, as well as on and the MLS.

24/7 Maintenance Request Capability

Even in the middle of the night, over the weekends, or on holidays, when those calls come in, we are here to take care of them.

Prompt Response To Tenant Requests

We keep your tenants happy in many ways, including taking care of their requests quickly and efficiently.

Low Vacancy Rates

Our track record for keeping our properties rented is among the best in Central Florida.

Low Average Days On Market

We always strive to get quality tenants in as quickly as possible, avoiding long gaps with no rent payments.

Industry-Specific Local Knowledge

With more than 75 years of combined property management experience, we know the rental market in the communities we serve and leverage that experience to your advantage.

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