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Guide to Hurricane Prep for Rental Property in Florida

Maria Napolitano - Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The only incorrect time to start preparing for a hurricane is when it is too late. Hurricane season in Florida will always cause panic, especially if you have a property.

In the event of hurricanes, landlords and tenants are equally affected. The risk of incurring enormous financial losses is high. To avoid adverse consequences, property owners and tenants must prepare.

You should protect your investment property and keep tenants safe. You don't want to be caught unaware, right? Be bold enough to take all the necessary preparations in readiness for a storm.

But what exactly should you do to keep your rental properties and tenants safe? Continue reading to learn about hurricane prep for rental property in Florida.

Communicate and Prepare Tenants

Let's face it – no one wants to suffer a loss due to hurricanes, be it landlords or tenants. At the onset of hurricane season, communication with tenants is crucial. Keep tenants informed about storm development and advice on storm preparation.

To help the tenants prepare and plan, share resources from reliable sources like the National Hurricane Center. Remind them there could be gas, water, and electricity loss during the storm. A landlord may provide their tenants with hurricane instructions as they move in.

Guiding tenants and prompting them to keep their possessions safe helps protect your property and keeping them safe.

Prepare the Property

To keep your property safe, involve the renters. If you manage your property, provide instructions to renters about building preparation. Knowing how to fortify the property against impending storms is critical.

Inspect the property for any existing damages before a storm. Areas such as window gaps, roof damage, and cracks in siding can worsen during the storm. Have them repaired to avoid costly hurricane damages.

Instruct renters to remove AC units on the windows and secure them or install hurricane shutters. Besides, have the storm drains and gutters cleaned to avoid leaking or flooding.

Another Hurricane Prep for Rental Property Is Checking on Supplies

The tenants should have a crystal understanding of what supervene a hurricane. This is especially critical for those experiencing a hurricane first time. Let them know what to expect.

Remind them they might spend several days indoor without access to resources outside. Provide them with a basic survival kit about items they need to stock up to get through the hurricane.

Water, food, duct tape, flashlight, and emergency contacts are some of the essentials.

Looking for a Property Management Service

With a reliable property management company in Florida, you don't have to worry about hurricane prep for rental property. The professionals handle all hurricane preparations to ensure property and tenant safety. They also keep you and the tenants updated and informed about hurricane progression.

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