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Types of Property Management Services for Landlords

Maria Napolitano - Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Around 33.75% of households in Florida rent the places they live. 

If you own rental property, this is good news. However, the downside to owning rental property is the management aspects it requires. 

Fortunately, you can hire a company that offers property management services if you need help with your rentals. 

What services do these companies offer? Should you hire one? 

Continue reading this guide to learn about these services so you can decide which ones you need for your Kissimmee rental properties.

Tenant Relations

Handling the tenant relation tasks for your properties requires a lot of time, effort, and work. You must advertise the available units and find tenants for them.

To do this, you must screen the applicants before choosing them for your units. If you don't know how to do this properly, you might make some common tenant screening mistakes

Investment property management also requires collecting rent, answering questions the tenants have, and solving problems relating to the tenants. 

If you have trouble collecting rent, you might need to offer more options for your tenants to pay their rent.

Likewise, if you have problems with tenants breaking their leases, you might need to determine ways to stop this from happening.

All these tasks take time and energy, though, which is why you might want to hire a company that offers rental management services. They'll take over all these duties for you, and they'll do a great job. 

Maintenance and Repairs

Managing rental properties also requires handling all the maintenance and repairs the units need. 

Performing routine maintenance keeps your properties in good condition and helps them hold their values, but it also requires time and work. 

Additionally, your tenants will experience problems with their units at times. For example, a tenant's furnace might go out, or their refrigerator might stop working.

As the landlord, you must address all these issues in a timely manner and offer repairs for them. Property management firms handle these things for landlords, which takes a load off a rental property owner's back.

Financial Details

A property manager can also handle all the financial details of your rental properties. They use various property management tools to do this, including software to track the income and expenses. 

They'll handle collecting the rent, depositing the money, and paying the bills. At the end of the month, they'll give you a report that shows all the money they received and spent. 

You can consider the services you need the most for your rental properties, and you can ask for property management costs for these services. From there, you can decide which ones to hire the company to do. 

Hire Property Management Services for Help

If you're too busy managing your properties and don't have time to do all these things, you can hire a company that offers property management services.

Are you ready to learn more about our services in Kissimmee, FL? If so, contact us at Allegiant Management Group. We can help you learn more about our services and costs.